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Outreach…. Reaching out by REFORESTING TO RESTORE THE FERTILITY Of the farmlands of Tibetan Refugees in India, one camp at a time. There are four Tibetan Settlements in Karnataka, South India and we have chosen Mundgod as our first camp because they like to practice Organic farming but it has not been successful due to unfertile soil and luck of water supply and most have been using fertilizers to grow their crops. The lady land owner whose land we will be using has not tilled her land for 8+ years so it is a good spot to start. Please consider to partner with us in providing a water irrigation system by digging a ground well, a very unique way of reaching their hearts, bring Love, Joy and Peace in their spirit, soul and body. May His kindness bring repentance as we bring His amazing love and Presence through our daily lives. Please join us and include us in your prayers. Let us declare Isaiah 9:2 and Isaiah 65:1. In 1966, Tibetan Refugees in Mundgod, Karnataka, who came from Tibet in China, were gifted with 4,000+ acres of forest lands by the government, and were turned into farm lands, residential areas and monastic schools.  For many years now, their farmlands lack supply of enough rain water due to deforestation. My team would like to help restore the land and do reforestation by planting Moringa Oleifera which will give them cash crops. We will teach them traditional farming and inter cropping to maximize the use of their land. The land we are leasing now will serve as a MODEL Garden and a training center. God Bless and thank you so much in advance for partnering with us to make this project happen. If you are interested to hear more please email us at .



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Digging a ground well for irrigation