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For years now, I have been stirred by the Lord. He has placed a desire in my heart to partner with Him in full-time ministry. He has led me to the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), where I have recently finished a 6-month internship. It was a season of prayer and encountering the Lord. Learning to hear and discern His voice. A time of being awakened tothe calling on my life to disciple others.

I have a burning desire deep within me to teach and give people clarity about the kingdom of God. My goal is to give an understanding of scripture so that it becomes a heart reality for them who hear. That way their life can then be a living testimony of the goodness of God. It is the goodness of God that brings people to repentance. I want to help disciple people into full maturity so they would know God and their hearts would burn for Him. A heart that burns for the Lord will carry the love of Christ and the good news of the kingdom everywhere they go. Jesus is coming back to a church that has made herself ready. I want to be one that helps make her ready for that day.

The IHOPKC community exists to partner in the great commission by advancing 24/7 prayer with worship, 24/7 works of justice and proclaiming the truth of Jesus and His glorious return. We equip believers to evangelize and reach the lost and broken. We are praying for the release of Gods power and purpose as we actively live out the two greatest commandments of loving God and people. The assignment God has placed on my life is both exciting and amazing!

As I partner with the Lord, I have both the privilege and responsibility of building my own financial partnership team. I invite you to prayerfully consider being a financial partner with me in this ministry. I am not able to do thisalone.

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My name is Brandon Shaver and I am called to be on the front lines crying out for justice in the place of prayer and doing works of justice in the field. I am seeking a financial partnership team to have the ability to give my full-time strength to the call God has on my life.