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I am Pastor Nuth Pich,  I’ve been pastoring for almost 15 years. I’ve started 15 churches, raised 21 orphans, and weekly feed street kids twice per week.  Each day there are over 100 kids that come off the streets for food. Mostly they are kids that live on the street or at the dump site where all the trash is taken. I also help the HIV (AIDS) women.  There are 10 families that we have been helping.  Please consider supporting a portion of our many ministries that the Lord has assigned us to in the Phnom Penh area of Cambodia.

Through our ministry we oversee 10 different church plants throughout our region.  Currently the 10 pastors and their families only receive about $30 a month in income.  This amount make it very difficult for these families to eat and survive.  Please consider helping us to raise these Godly laborers up to about $100+ per month.

Please email for more information:  [email protected]



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We are needing partners to continue winning souls through our evangelistic campaigns, HIV Womens Center, Street Kids Feeding Program and church planting activities.