Guatemala – Aliza’s missions at Eagles Nest 2022! – GUA004

If God is leading you, I would really appreciate your financial support towards my internship which begins in March. I will be leaving to start my partnership with Eagle’s Nest Children’s Home March 1st of 2022! I need help financially while there.  I will get to work directly with the kids! I will be working to plan and organize activities for the kids during the day to help have activities geared directly to the kids and their specific age groups. I also will be helping with their schooling and English classes.



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More to the story…

My journey in Guatemala began the summer of 2013 when I was ten years old. It was my first mission trip and I went with my older brother and my parents, who actually met in Guatemala. We built houses for families in rural parts of Guatemala. After that trip, our family looked for opportunities to get back to Guatemala since it had such a significant place in our hearts, and my two younger sisters had not yet been. Finally, after a year and a half of looking, we heard about Eagle’s Nest from some family friends who had been. We made the arrangements for our whole family to go as soon as we could. So in 2015 the six of us found ourselves on a bumpy van ride headed to the place that soon became like a second home to us. Since that first trip to Eagle’s Nest, my family has been back every year. Each year we have led bigger teams than the last. When Covid hit and everything shut down soon after our trip in December of 2019, we prayed that things would cool down in time for our annual trip in 2020. When they did not, we were devastated, but knew that it was all in God’s hands. Finally, early in 2021 we received a message from the missionaries there that they were ready for teams again! We got to be the first team back at the Nest. It was just my immediate family and my grandfather, but it was so good to see the kids and missionaries again. We went again just last month in December of 2021 and that is when I began to talk to the missionaries about the possibility of an Internship. After much prayer and trusting God, He provided this opportunity for me to spend a prolonged amount of time in the place that has captured my heart.

If you have any questions please email me at: [email protected]