Native America- Pastoral Salaries Needed

  • Native America- Pastoral Salaries Needed

    Posted by Mark Hill on August 19, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    Bro. Bill Haas is the Director at Mokahum Ministry Center in Bemidji Minnesota.  He is a professor that prepares Native Americans to pastor Indian churches all over the U.S.  We have a tremendous shortfall in funds to support these young men as they go back to their reservations and cities to pastor.  He is needing monthly funds to allocate to these young men.  Since there is basically no support, any amounts would help them to stay on the fields.  It is a tremendous struggle to keep them in the churches if they can’t survive in their communities.  Many end up leaving the pastorates to take jobs wherever they can find them to support themselves and their families.  As a result their churches are dying.

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